Monday, February 16, 2015

Treasures From The Orient

And so it was that The One True Spence had been away for quite some time. He had travelled far and wide across the land. He had seen much. He had done much. He had returned to His home tired, hungry, and covered in unfamiliar odors. It just so happened that He, on His return home, had visited a trading post, specializing in wondrous goods from across the Orient. It was then that He wondered if Orient was still acceptable to say, or if it made Him sound like an intolerant bigot. Realizing that He could give a shit, The One True Spence set about making many purchases from the traders, coming away with delicious sugary treats, and heart stews. Arriving home, He hurried up the stairs, excited to being His feast. Opening the containers of food, He recoiled at the stench, at once realizing that one man's beef is another's cat food. Lo, while the stench was great, His hunger was greater. Quickly preparing the food, he took a bite and lo! 'Twas then that He realized, cat food isn't so bad after all. Glory to Spence!

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