Thursday, December 4, 2014

An Extra Dash of Protein?

The One True Spence sought nourishment. He travelled to a canteen specializing in delicacies from the Far East. When through the doors he walked, He was met with countless aromas, both exotic and delicious. His order taken, the One True Spence sat, and while he sat he began to survey the many treasures that lined the walls of the shop. Paintings, pottery, calligraphy; and it was good. Looking towards the kitchen, he saw the flames leaping around mighty woks, shelves of ingredients, paper? Verily, it was fly paper, hung from the ceiling, covered in flies, hung just above the cook preparing his meal. And it was not good. Lo, those who seek to live in His image, and walk in His ways shall keep their eyes fixed on the horizon, looking neither above nor below that which they seek; for what is seen cannot be unseen, and it’s usually pretty gross. Praise be to Spence!

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