Saturday, November 1, 2014

In The Den of Thieves

And so it was decided that the One True Spence would travel south. Travelling again upon the Turntpike, soon He came upon a mighty building, and lo! He saw that it was a casino, and it was good. Entering it's mighty halls, the One True Spence beheld muich gambling, and it was good. Gathering all his wits, he proceeded to indulge himself in games of chance. And it was not good. Not long after he arrived, he left, saying, "RIGGED! IT'S ALL RIGGED!" The one True Spence then did return to the city. And so it shall be, that all Spencetronauts, wo seek to live in His image, shall abstain from gambling. Unless they find the slots loose, and then shall they have only one more spin. And then one more. And then maybe one more...

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